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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  March 6, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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here's trace gallagher in for shep. >> trace: we're live in chicago where r. kelly is about to face a judge after his emotional outburst on tv. the singer charged with sexually abusing underage girls says he's been assassinated. the feds approve a medication linked to a party drug to treat depression. we'll talk to a doctor who says there are dangers, but this could be part of a psychedelic trend. and the guy that says taco bell saved his life when he was trapped in his car for days won't have to buy a taco for a long time. i'm trace gallagher in for shep. the news starts now. we begin with breaking news out
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of chicago. this is the scene just moments ago where the disgraced singer r. kelly arrived in court. this comes on the same day the singer broke his silence talking about the sexual abuse charges against him in an explosive and emotional interview. >> i didn't do this stuff! this is not me. i'm fighting for my [bleep] life. ya'll killing me with this. >> robert -- >> [screaming]. ya'll trying to kill me. you're killing me, man. >> trace: today's court appearances for unrelated child support charges. he could go back to court if he doesn't pay the $160,000 that he owes his ex-wife. child support could be the least of his problems. prosecutors are accusing the r&b star of sexually abusing four
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women, three underage at the time. the charges could put him behind bars for decades. matt finn has been following this story for us. he's reporting live in chicago. matt? >> trace, r. kelly and his attorney just walked through. we got a chance to ask him if he has the $161,000 today and what he thinks of his ex-wife. he had no comment. it's possible the singer is thrown back in jail today for the $161,000 due in child support. court documents indicate he owes nearly $200,000. a judge ruled that he paid the $161,000 by 10:00 a.m. because this case is sealed, we don't know if he has paid that money. k. kelly's attorney argues the singer is broke. so much so that he was unable to bail himself out of jail on a $100,000 two weeks on on the separate criminal charges, a
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woman claiming to be his friend bailed him out. a representative for kelly's ex-wife says the singer has paid staff and a condo in trump tower in chicago. so he chose to stop making the $21,000 payment for child support. a representative for kelly's ex-wife won't be in court today. we have open eyes if she decides to appear. trace? >> trace: r. kelly is due back in court on the sex abuse charges. >> that's right. he's due back in court in a couple weeks for ten counts of criminal sexual abuse. r. kelly claims he's the victim of false allegations. >> everybody says something bad about me. nobody says nothing good. they was describing lucifer. i'm not lucifer.
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aim man. i make mistakes. i'm not a devil. by no mean a monster. >> his hearing is completely closed to the public. we'll wait to see if we hear from r. kelly after the hearing or his attorney. trace? >> trace: if yo do, let us know, matt. more on this now. let's bring in katie, a criminal defense attorney. i want to talk about the interview, katie. this was wild. if you're defending r. kelly, what do you make of the interview? >> r. kelly may be creepy, but only time will tell if he's criminal. i'm not here to defend r. kelly but i'm here to defend the process and the presumption of innocence that all of us have in these criminal cases. with these sexual assault allegations, there's a lot of factors that we have to look into before we can get to the point that we know he will be convicted in a court of law. >> trace: we talk about legally, power in numbers hurts r. kelly.
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you have multiple accusers now. it's tough for a jury to overcome. we've seen this time and time again when you have sexual assault violations. if there's one accuser, it's tough. if there's multiple accusers, it does something to the jury. >> it's true. it's difficult for a criminal defendant to overcome multiple accusers in a sexual assault case. if you have small problems, the strength in numbers overcome that and people on the jury look at you is you're just that kind of person. you're the type of person that does this repeatedly. as a defense attorney, you look to is there collusion between the victims. do they have time to talk to each other, do they plan their story. in the case of a celebrity, you may with have some of that. >> trace: how damning is this videotape for kelly? they couldn't identify him. this time it might be different. how damning might it be? >> videotaping can be very
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damning. r. kelly was a quitted with a video tape on 14 counts of child pornography. so the videotape, if it is what we heard it is, which is him having sexual intercourse with a minor that he knows is a minor, this can be damning. this came from michael avenatti. thank you, katie. >> thank you. >> trace: republican senator martha mcsally from arizona says a superior officer raped her when she was serving in the air force. senator mcsally was the first female fighter pilot to fly a combat mission. she had a hearing today on sexual assault allegations in the military. she didn't report the rape because she didn't trust the system. we'll have more on her testimony coming up.
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in fact -- okay. and another fox urgent. military officials in venezuela raided an american journalist home and arrested him this morning. that's according to the national press worker's union. this happened in caracas this morning. cody wendell is a freelance journalist in miami and worked for several major news organizations. the "miami herald" said he's from virginia but moved to venezuela about five years ago. steve harrigan reporting live. he's been covering the crisis in venezuela and traveled there last week. steve? >> trace, more than 30 journalists on the maduro regime have been detained. this time, a u.s. citizen. cody has been in venezuela more than four years reporting as a freelance journalist. he was taken by military intelligence. this morning, his last story he posted on twitter was about the return of opposition leader juan guaido to convenience. he described the return as
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triumphant. the reaction to this detention by u.s. officials has been swift and angry. the state department has called for his release immediately, that he should be released unarmed and florida senate eric scott says the u.s. will not stand for this kind of intimidation. trace? >> trace: where do things stand now between juan guaido and nicholas maduro? >> this has been a six week battle. on the one side, nicholas maduro is backed by russia and china. he controls the military and the police. juan guaido is backed by the u.s. and 50 other nations and the real regional powers in south america. the two are battling it out. guaido promised to bring in humanitarian aid. he failed to do that. the next move is to call nationwide strikes of government workers. we're likely to see more
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protests saturday. both sides, maduro and guaido calling their supporters in the streets. trace? >> trace: steve harrigan live. thanks. coming up, north korea's nukes. there's word pyongyang is rebuilding part of a rocket test site after president trump and kim jong-un held a second summit but didn't cut a deal. democrats on capitol hill grilling the home land security secretary about the situation on the southern border. you'll hear from both sides next. i switched to miralax for my constipation. stimulant laxatives forcefully stimulate the nerves in your colon. miralax works with the water in your body to unblock your system naturally. and it doesn't cause bloating, cramping, gas, or sudden urgency. miralax. look for the pink cap.
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to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. we really pride ourselves >> ton making it easyautoglass, to get your windshield fixed. >> teacher: let's turn in your science papers. >> tech vo: this teacher always puts her students first. >> student: i did mine on volcanoes. >> teacher: you did?! oh, i can't wait to read it. >> tech vo: so when she had auto glass damage... she chose safelite. with safelite, she could see exactly when we'd be there. >> teacher: you must be pascal. >> tech: yes ma'am. >> tech vo: saving her time... [honk, honk] >> kids: bye! >> tech vo: she can save the science project. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ >> trace: less than a week after the president ended his second summit with kim jong-un without a deal, there's word on north korea is rebuilding a rocket test site. south korean intelligence and american analysts show activity at a long range rocket site.
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north korea supposedly began dismantling it last summer after the president's first summit with kim. this image taken saturday, two dane after the president and kim left hanoi. president trump talked about the report in the last hour. jennifer griffin reporting live at the pentagon. jen? >> secretary of state mike pompeo said in the next couple weeks that he hopes to have a team in pyongyang to continue nuclear disarmorment talks. the president just responded to new reports of activity at a ballistic missile launch pad moments ago. >> i would be disappointed if that were happening. it's an early report. we put it out. i would be very, very disapai disapaintdisapain disapaint -- disappointed in chairman kim. it will get solved. >> new satellite images taken after the failed summit show
12:15 pm
activity at the site. cranes and new construction appear at the site where north korea has put satellites in space using technology similar to ballistic missile. this site had been dormant following the first summit. north korea has never launched an icbm or intercontinental ballistic missile from this site and experts say the activity happening now while unfortunate only shows construction going on, not anything that would indicate test prop. john bolton responded in an interview with fbn. >> if they're not willing to do it, president trump said they won't get relief from the crushing economic sanctions that have been imposed on them and we look at ramping them up, in fact. >> it's not clear whether kim jong-un plans to restart long range missile launches if talks fail or whether north korea is
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building an't this site in order to offer to to dismantle it town the road. you heard the president said that we released the satellite images. we'll know more when we continue the nuclear talks. trace? >> trace: jennifer griffin live. thank you. the head of homeland security testifying in front of lawmakers about what is happening at the u.s. southern border. secretary kirstjen neilsen testifying. she defended the president's decision to declare a national emergency saying it's not a manufactured crisis. democrats questioning her on a wide range of issues including trump administration separating families at the border. mike emanuel reporting live on capitol hill. mike? >> trace, there were fireworks after the homeland security secretary suggested someone would not be turned away. check this out from a california
12:17 pm
democrat. >> so in the meantime, you didn't do anything at all and you let kids be separated without tracking them. do you know how outrageous that is, madam secretary? you have no compassion, no empathy here. >> secretary nielson says she has plenty of compassion. >> my heart breaks for the system that we have. it does not help us to have vulnerable populations in their journey. there's nothing humane about a system that contemplates what we see today, that contemplates 60,000 children coming across the border unaccompanied. >> nielson says family units are the surging metrics coming across the border right now, trace. >> there was another hearing on the u.s. southern border in the senate. >> you're right. the senate judiciary committee and when connecticut democrat richard blumenthal suggested that the number of people coming across the border is close to
12:18 pm
record lows, the customs and border protection commissioner fired back. >> no, senator. they're not. we're on pace for over 700,000 crossings this year. that's close-to highs than lows. >> which high? >> we had a million in 2006. that is the high water mark in the modern era of cbp. we're closer to that than the 300,000 number if we get to 750,000 crossing. >> his numbers backing up why border patrol agents are saying that the situation at the border is unsustainable and a need for congress to act. trace? >> mike emanuel live on capitol hill. thank you. coming up, we'll head to alabama where strangers are pitching in to help families that lost loved ones in a deadly tornado. we're also hearing the gory details about how a man in colorado murdered his family and how his young daughter begged for her life. and we'll get more on the breaking news about senator martha mcsally, the republican,
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>> trace: back to our fox urgent. republican senator martha mcsally from arizona says a superior officer raped her when she was serving in the air force. ellison barber reporting live on this from washington. ellison? >> hi, trace. senator martha mcsally served in the military for 20 years. the arizona senator told the word today that she understands this issue better than most because she said she herself is
12:24 pm
a survivor. listen. >> so, like you, i am also a military sexual assault survivor. unlike so many brave survivors, i didn't report it. like so many women and men, i didn't trust the system at the time. i blame myself. i was ashamed and confused. i thought i was strong, but felt powerless. the perpetrators abuse their position of power in profound ways. in one days, i was preyed upon and raped by a superior officer. >> mcsally went on to say she shares the disgust of many that things need to be better as a former commander and rape survivor. she went on to say she does not take this position lightly and as that are these discussions going on on capitol hill about the chain of command and how these sorts of issues are dealt
12:25 pm
with, she says we cannot command change from the outside alone. it must be deployed from within. she said i very strongly believe the commander must not be removed from the decision-making responsibility of preventing, detecting and prosecuting military sexual assault. trace? >> ellison barber live in d.c. thank you. here in southern california, emergency officials ordering thousands of people to leave their homes as heavy rains drench areas that were scorched by wild fires. william la jeunesse reporting live in los angeles. william? >> well, trace, water in california, of course, is like gold. but historically cities have not treated rain water that way. a good winter storm like this will produce 10 billion gallons of water run off heading out to the ocean. now san francisco, l.a., have failed to capture that despite
12:26 pm
warnings of climate change, longer droughts and more floods. it's not reflected in policy and how the state is storing water. california has to bank four months of rain and snow and use it the next eight months. till now, the cities have not treated it more like a threat than a resource. >> one of the challenges is how do we capture more of the water so we can use it for the things that we need during the dry parts of the year. the cities and california have not historically done a good job of capturing what we call storm water. >> so the thinking is to slow these down, eliminate the concrete and help the water seep in and suck it out later. the project, trace, are years away from completion. trace? >> trace: william la jeunesse live in los angeles. thank you. everybody has been accounted for after a deadly tornado ripped through a small community in alabama. the sheriff in lee county says officials were able to locate the seven people that were still
12:27 pm
missing as of yesterday. the massive tornado hit on sunday night in beauregard near the border with georgia. the storm killed 23 people. the victims include a 6-year-old and a couple in their 80s. jonathan serrie reporting live from lee county, alabama. jonathan? >> hi, trace. a massive cleanup is underway behind me. you can see the trucks hauling away debris. recovery efforts are in full swing here. the mayor says he expects the cleanup to take weeks, maybe months. he's heartened as he's seen people show up to pitch in. >> we're not really divided. we're humans. that's the most amazing thing, black, white, gay, straight, rich or poor, everybody has helped out. >> lee county officials say too anonymous corporations have
12:28 pm
offered to pay funeral expenses for all 23 people that lost their lives in the storm. crosses for losses delivered white wooden crosses to a local church to memorialize the storm victims. the founder has organized similar efforts after other major tragedies, including columbine and park land school shootings and boston marathon bombing. >> i see the results immediately and makes it feel like a family here. you know, everybody in the community would want to grieve somebody individually. this does it altogether because they died together. >> and that community spirit is alive and well with the family of jimmy lee jones. his niece call him uncle shaggy and describes him as a good christian man, funny. because they lived in this tight knit community all their lives, they say they know multiple storm victims.
12:29 pm
>> it should drive everybody closer. we have the poor together, we have all of us together. you can't be apart from your community. you have to love and pull together. this is the wake-up call. >> governor ivy took a tour of the storm damage by helicopter today. president trump planning a visit on friday. trace? >> jonathan serrie live in lee county. thank you. crews quarantined every passenger and worker on a charter flight from barbados to london after a bunch of people got sick. the passengers returning from a caribbean cruise on this ship from the swiss company msc. one of them told the associated press he thinks the people got sick on the cruise, not on the plane. he says doctors examined everybody after landing. reps for the airline and the cruise ship company say they are
12:30 pm
investigating. well, a 4-year-old reportedly begged her father not to kill her after watching him smother her younger sister to death. that's one of the chilling details we're learning about the murders of shan nan watts and her two daughters in colorado. the source, the convicted killer. a lawyer for the family is sharing detailing from watts new prison confession last month. he's behind bars for all three murders, but had previously confessed to killing only his wife. alicia acuna reporting live from denver. alicia? >> trace, shannan watts family wants the public to know her daughter did not kill her children the way christopher watts said he did. he did. watts now has told investigators through an interview he did from prison last month exactly how he did it. watts says that one of his daughters walked in on him when he was trying to wrap his dead wife's body in a sheet.
12:31 pm
he admitted to killing her in a fight over an affair he was having. according to federal and state investigators, watt said he's 4-year-old daughter, what are you doing with mommy? to which her father answered, mommy is sick and we need to take her to the hospital to make her better. watts put shan nan's pregnant dead body in the truck and drove with the daughters in the truck. until they came the a stop. the family attorney told dr. phil the rest. >> he took shannan's body and threw it a pile next to the truck. he walks over and takes celeste's favorite blanket and smothers her to death with it. >> the attorney says watts removed celeste's body from the truck and here's what happened next. >> he went back to the vehicle. at that point, bella said
12:32 pm
please, daddy, don't do to me what you just did to c.c. then he killed bella. >> trace, watts was sentenced to life in prison for the death of the three members of his family last fall. >> trace: that is a horrifying story. alicia acuna live in denver. thank you. up next, we'll head to capitol hill where democrats are debating how to respond after a freshman congresswoman, her comments about israel. police, president trump's former fixer meeting again with lawmakers. we're also hearing from the father of a british teen who joined isis but now wants to come home. dad says his daughter was young and simply made a mistake. oh! oh!
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12:37 pm
to voted on it today. the freshman democrat from minnesota, ilhan omar says she's not anti-semitic. but lawmakers drafts the resolution after she said that israel's supporters are pushing for allegiance to a foreign country. the draft resolution does not mention her by name and now lawmakers are pushing to condemn other types of hate in the resolution as well like anti-muslim bias. peter doocy reporting live on capitol hill. peter? >> trace, the democratic congresswoman ilhan omar was tight lipped when i asked about the comments a tributed to her since taking office. >> congress woman omar, seems like there's confusion with your colleagues. are you anti-semitic? would you support this resolution condemning anti-semitism? congresswoman, would you support the resolution condemning all
12:38 pm
forms of bigotry? >> that resolution has been delayed indefinitely and republicans can't believe it. >> support for israel isn't about the benjamins. it's about the hearts and minds of the american people. it's unconscionable for any members of congress, the house foreign relations committee to repeatedly traffic in base stereotypes. >> some democrats are defending congress woman omar and trying to point the finger elsewhere. >> there's not a rise of anti-semitism in the house of representatives. there's a rise of anti-semitic behavior and activity and violence in the country. it's irresponsible for mitch mcconnell to try to politicize this issue. >> democratic leaders are very delicately approaching this resolution. it's not clear if they're going to vote at any point this week.
12:39 pm
it's supposed to happen today, trace. >> trace: we heard from mitch mcconnell. what are other republicans saying? >> for the most part, republicans are incredulous because it doesn't seem like house democrats have a support to pass a resolution. >> this shouldn't be hard. we should be standing united, condemning anti-semitism, naming names. in my opinion, you have to remove her from the house foreign affairs committee. >> the president think it's shameful that house democrats are not doing more to condemn anti-semitism. trace? >> peter doocy live on the us. thank you. president trump's former fixer and personal attorney michael cohen spending his day on capitol hill instead of being in prison. today was supposed to be cohen's first day behind bars after he pleaded guilty to lying to congress. instead, he's giving closed door testimony to the house intelligence committee.
12:40 pm
it's the fourth time he's talking to lawmakers in eight days. during a public hearing, cohen called president trump a con man, a cheat and a racist. president trump says cohen is a liar. our chief intelligence correspondent, catherine herridge reporting live. catherine? >> thank you, trace. michael cohen has been in a secure facility behind me for about five hours. fox news has confirmed that cohen provided the house intelligence committee with records from his congressional testimony about the moscow trump tower project in 2016. our contact reports that the original date and the original cohen draft is in fact january 2016. the reason that date matters is because cohen was prosecuted for lying to congress about how long those discussions continued when in fact they did not end in january of 2016 but continued months afterwards. short time ago, we saw the democratic chairman adam schiff arrive here for more questioning of cohen as well as the ranking
12:41 pm
democrat, devin nunes. neither men took questions at that time. we understand that the committee is trying to drill down on this trump tower moscow project in 2016. in part they're trying to set the table for public testimony on march 14 from felix sadder. he's a russian born citizen. he has more information about the status of the negotiations and how long they went on. earlier today or earlier we heard from cohen that gave this testimony to the hill. >> mr. trump's personal lawyers reviewed and edited my statement to congress about the timing of the moscow tower negotiations before i gave it. let's be clear, mr. trump knew of and directed the trump moscow negotiations throughout the
12:42 pm
campaign and lied about it. >> it's worth reminding folks at home that after that testimony a week ago that we got a statement from one of the president's attorneys j. sekulow, that refuted that they had any role in meddling with cohen's testimony. that statement read today's testimony referring to last tweak that attorneys for the president edited or changed a statement to congress to alter the duration of the trump tower moscow negotiation is completely false. meantime, we're reaching out to a spokesperson for michael cohen to see if they agree with this assessment that the draft documents, the original date was january 2016 and not altered by the trump attorneys. >> trace: catherine herridge, thank you. the father of a british teen that ran away to join isis in syria says his daughter was just a child when she left. he tells the associated press that she was 15, she's immature. he's begging the british
12:43 pm
government to let her come home. the u.k. revoked her citizenship. rich edson reporting live. rich? >> shamima bigham is in a camp. the bangladesh government says she's not a citizen and she's never been there. there's a similar case working its wade through the u.s. court system. that of hoda methona. she wants to return to the u.s. a court refused to let her come back to the united states early. the issue is at the hands of the court. as isis loses its remaining territory, the state department is pushing countries to return their citizens, to take their citizens back home if they
12:44 pm
fought with isis. for muthana, the state department is not letter her back in. >> this case is different. we don't bear a responsibility here. we're clear this is not a united states citizen, nor is anyone entitled to u.s. citizenship. beyond that, i don't want to talk any further about this case because, you know, legal proceedings are on going. muthana was born in new jersey. her father was a diplomat. if he was a diplomat, she was not eligible for u.s. citizenship. her argument is her father stopped being a diplomat a few weeks before she was born and that makes her a u.s. citizen. >> trace: thanks, rich. there's word investigators that irish terrorists might be behind the explosive devices discovered around london. the irish mirror newspaper said the mailbox that turned up at
12:45 pm
two airports and train stations all came from ireland. one of the packages caught fire. nobody was hurt. according to the irish mirror, detectives say the new ira could be to blame. they're suspected of a car bamming in january. the old ira known for violent and bloody campaign against british rule over northern ireland for decades. well, he just signed the biggest deal in baseball history. but is bryce harper already in hot water with the mlb? that's next. first, try not to think about this next story when you're behind the wheel. it's a monster spider making its way inside somebody's car. it happened in australia. no word on how the driver discovered the creature or the person that discovered it didn't leave a note. we'll get to the bottom next. smile dad.
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>> one of baseball's biggest stars caught up in controversy. bryce harper says there's no doubt that he will try to convince mike trout to jane him in philadelphia. in doing so, he may have broken baseball's tampering rule. hillary vaughn is here with more
12:50 pm
on that. that would be a good outfield. >> yeah, bryce harper's first big play could be to convince mike trout to join philadelphia. the angels are not happy about it. harper just entered a 13 year, $330 million deal. harper said he got his eye on trout in 2020. >> it's respecting mike trout in a certain way during the season and letting him play and do the thing he needs to do to be mike trout. if you don't think i'm not going to call mike trout in 2020 to have him come to philly, you're crazy. >> trout still has two full seasons before he's up for grabs. >> trace: nothing like a billion dollar outfield. what does the league say? >> they're looking into it. major league baseball says we're
12:51 pm
aware of the situation and have been in contact with both clubs. the mlb's rule book makes it clear tampering is not allowed. a player under contract cannot entertain the idea of employment with anyone outside of their club. looking at how major league baseball has handled tampering in the past, there won't be a massive smackdown over his comments when aaron judge told the orioles manny machado would look good in pin stripes. >> trace: yeah, it happens all the time. and the fda looking at a club drug that could help. first, an oregon man that said he survived on hot sauce in the woods for five days is getting free taco bell for a year. he says his s.u.v. got stuck in the snow and it was too deep to
12:52 pm
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>> trace: the feds are warning customers not to use certain makeup products from the retailers "claire's" because they might have against -- asbestos. a spokesperson for the company says the fda test results had significant errors, but they removed the products out of an abundance of caution. for more information, check out people that suffer from depression but don't respond to
12:57 pm
traditional medications now have another option and it's linked to a party drug. dr. raj, this is a chemical cousin to a powerful surgical aesthetic. what is the deal here with this? >> this drug is esketamine. what you're referring to is ketamine, which is a very powerful drug used in the anesthesia realm. it was used in the 90s and has psychedelic effects and can be dangerous. it has sedative effects. >> trace: psychedelic out of body experiences we're told. what is the goal here? are we saying the suicide raid because those were severe depression that this is a last-ditch effort? >> absolutely. the suicide rate right now is the highest it's been in 50 years. we're talking about a new drug available for treatment resistant depression. these are people with severe depression that failed two other types of anti-depressants. this is an option.
12:58 pm
comes in a nasal sprayed that can be given on top of oral medications to help those in dire need, people that may be close to committing suicide, situations where you need a rapid response and something effective. >> you say rapid because this does work in like an hour and sometimes you have to wait weeks for a lot of other drugs to work is. that a fair assessment? >> i do have to point out, it's administered in a doctor's office. you don't take it home with you. part of that is because of the side effects to be monitored for. there's a high abuse potential with this drug. so certain doctors accredited and given permission by the government to administer this drug will be the only ones allowed to do it in their office and they will watch the patient for two hours afterwards to make sure that they can go home safely. >> trace: the down side, there's down sides to this. do you think this might be the beginning of more psychedelic drugs being used for depression? >> yeah, it's interesting. for the treatment of depression, we haven't seen a lot of
12:59 pm
ground-breaking drugs in the last several years. so we are now looking at kind of stranger things, you know, people looking at ingredients in mushrooms and lsd-type drinks, things that have significant side effects and may have a novel approach to treating depression or ptsd. i think this is probably the tip of the iceberg in terms of finding different approaches to treating a common problem in america, up to 7% of americans will have at least one major depressive episode in their lifetime. >> i was stunned to read that five million people have a major depressive disorder. amazing. dr. raj, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> trace: the last car set to roll off the assembly at the general motors plant in lordstown, ohio. more than 1,000 hourly workers losing their job in december. g.m. announced five plants would shut down this year, a final decision on the future of the ohio plant expected in contract talks with the united auto
1:00 pm
workers. the union's national contract expires in september. now sure how the corner of wall and broad did today. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. "your world." charles payne is in for neil. >> apple, visa, home depot, ibm, you name it, president trump is hosting. these are the ceos of america's major companies. he's bringing them back. the focus on bringing jobs back here home. we expect his remarks and we'll have them soon. now to capitol hill. democrats are clashing behind closed doors over a resolution condemning anti-semitism. it was sparked by remarks made by ilhan omar. steny hoyer says there's no guarantee there will be a vote on that this week. quell come. i'm charles payne in for neil